Classic Rolls 6 pcs:


California  $8

Spicy Tuna  $9

Tuna  $8

Salmon  $8

Yellowtail  $10

Crunch  $9

Philly  $9

Spider  $11

Nigiri 2 pcs. / Sashimi 3 pcs:


Tuna  $9 / $12

Salmon  $8 / $11

Yellowtail  $10 / $13

Mackerel  $8 / $11

Shrimp  $7 / $10

Escolar  $9 / $12

Octopus  $12 / $15

Surf clam  $9 / $12

Unagi  $11 / $15

Tamagoyaki  $7 / $10

Tobiko  $7 / $10

Ikura  $9 / $12

Smoked Salmon  $8 / $11

Scallop $12 / $15


Specialty Rolls:

All Specialty Rolls are preferably intended to be eaten without soy sauce or wasabi, for you to enjoy their full flavor



In: Crab, Tempura shrimp, Asparagus
Top: Slices of marinated and seared steak Japanese horseradish aoli and bacon Pepper Jam! 



Soy Paper
In: Buttermilk chicken tenders tempura fried, cream cheese, avocado
Top: Rolled in crushed cheesy poofs drizzled with magic mayo and Sweet chili Thai sauce 



Soy Paper
In: Pulled pork, pineapples and Avocados
Top: sliced of champagne mangoes, avocado and a spicy island BBQ sauce 


S & S MAKI  $18

No Rice
Thinly cut cucumber wrapped around sashimi slices of  Tuna, salmon and yellowtail
with avocado finished off with a Japanese citrus dressing. 



In: California roll with cream cheese
Top: Chef's spicy seafood mix of crab, shrimp and calamari baked and served with a sweet soy glaze 



In: tempura shrimp, cream cheese and avocados
Top: Rolled in toasted coconut flakes and finished with a tropical fruit dressing 


Rainbow  $18

California roll top with Tuna, salmon, yellowtail, white fish, shrimp, avocados and albacore.


Thai Cuisine Signature Roll  $18.00

soy paper
In: asparagus, roasted red bell peppers, Thai basil, cilantro
Top: Slices of roasted Duck and finished with a thick red Thai curry sauce


Golden Dragon Roll  $18

Tempura shrimp, crab, cucumber, cream cheese, topped with mangoes, mango sauce and gold tobiko.




Avocado Roll  $7

Tempura Asparagus Roll  $8

Cucumber Roll  $7

Garden Roll  $10

A 20% service charge will be added to parties of  5 or more.
*NOTICE*: Consuming RAW or UNDER cooked meats, seafood, poultry, or eggs may increase your risk of food borne illness. ALLERGY NOTICE Please be advised that food prepared in our kitchen may contain: Peanuts, Tree Nuts, Sesame Seeds, Sesame Oil, Soy, Wheat, Fish, Shellfish, Dairy, and Eggs. If in doubt, please ask a staff member for more information.